Location Solution

Being able to provide real-time, reliable location services in a complex indoor environment is hard. Being able to do so without a massive infrastructure change is practically impossible. Not anymore.

The heart of the industry- leading DXP™ is DeCurtis Corporation’s proprietary Location Solution. We invert the traditional model of placing static beacons in rooms to outfitting a ship with high performance, intelligent BLE readers and giving the guest a physical beacon in the form of a wearable. This inverted model is more reliable and accurate than traditional GPS or Wi-Fi-based solutions. A robust management platform monitors and manages the readers, and proprietary algorithms in the firmware allow for intelligent forwarding of interesting events, dramatically reducing noise sent to the back end.

Our elegant location solution utilizes four core pieces to provide accurate reads on location and actionable data around proximity.

The Herculean task of safely moving all people on board to their appropriate assembly stations, accounting for them, reporting this data to the bridge, and then safely executing an evacuation requires practice, planning and the right tool. MAS is that tool. MAS empowers your crew with the latest advancements in technology, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of your muster process.

MAS consists of three core modules built to provide easy and reliable data collection and rapid reporting before, during and after the mustering process. This puts critical data in the hands of the Captain, Bridge Officers, and Safety Teams, which empowers them to make informed decisions in a timely manner. MAS provides fast and accurate reporting that paper-based models simply cannot deliver.

Mobile Assembly Suite is easy to implement and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing muster process. Designed to take full advantage of the technology you have already invested in, MAS will increase efficiency without imposing extra stress on your infrastructure.


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Guests are now empowered to navigate onboard effortlessly while discovering people, activities and events along the way. No more lost time being lost means more memorable moments.

  • Discover more onboard and participate in more activities
  • Easily navigate to friends and family
  • Never miss out on memories due to being lost
  • Privacy of guests is protected when they are in private spaces


The Location Solution powers all location and proximity aware modules of the DXP. With these you can:

  • Better anticipate guest movements with accurate location and proximity data
  • Rapidly augment staff where and when it is needed most
  • Provide concierge, personalized service using actionable real-time data
  • Leverage an inverted reader model that allows for scalable power and more accuracy