DeCurtis Shield™ Standalone

While the pandemic highlighted the immediate need for improved health and safety protocols, safety has always been at the heart of what DeCurtis Corporation provides.


DeCurtis Shield™ is a robust product offering designed to assist businesses in reopening and operating safely through accurate health screenings. Offered in three solution options, the Standalone configuration of DeCurtis Shield™ is the fastest one to deploy so businesses can start no-touch temperature screening immediately. Shield Standalone offers a temperature taking kiosk, or several kiosks for multi-entrance buildings, that can quickly detect if an employee, visitor or guest has elevated body temperature. Additionally, DeCurtis Shield™ qualifies for CARES Act funding.

Shield Standalone can make an immediate impact by efficiently performing temperature screening at any secure entry or exit point. Our smart thermography cameras quickly assess for elevated body temperature at the brain thermal tunnel (tear duct) using patent-pending methodology to provide the fastest and most accurate body temperature. Shield Standalone’s temperature taking kiosks can operate in self-service or assisted mode and additionally can perform anonymous screening of entrants for fever and presence of masks. Standalone also offers on-screen health questionnaires, as well as secure, anonymous data storage for reporting and monitoring.

In the current environment, many businesses, hospitals, schools, municipalities, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, resorts, hotels, and the like are in search of rapid and precise temperature screening that can scan employees and visitors for elevated body temperature. By placing Shield™ kiosks at multiple locations within a building complex, Standalone offers a quickly deployable solution to mitigate the spread of illness, and can provide data to support that an institution is following its documented health and safety procedures.

Providing an accurate collection and reporting of health screening data so that action can be taken to reduce the spread of infectious diseases is our goal. If your facilities are in immediate need of accurate temperature taking kiosks that can perform no touch elevated body temperature scans at a speed of 600 persons per hour; if you desire to collect data to substantiate performance of your safety and security protocols; if you need an effective solution to help mitigate the risk of infection in your workplace, please contact us to learn more about DeCurtis Shield Standalone.

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