DeCurtis Shield DXP™

While the pandemic highlighted the immediate need for improved health and safety protocols, safety has always been at the heart of what DeCurtis Corporation provides. DeCurtis Shield™ is a robust product offering designed to assist businesses in reopening safely through accurate health screenings. Offered in three solution options, the most powerful iteration of DeCurtis Shield™ is implemented when deploying the DeCurtis Experience Platform™ (DXP™) Location Solution into an environment. Shield DXP™ can provide both real-time and historic indoor location timelines to address potential outbreaks, assess risks from known interactions, and strategically plan for cleaning protocols. The type of information collected with this contract tracing system is critical to mitigating the spread of illness. Additionally, DeCurtis Shield™ qualifies for CARES Act funding.

The DeCurtis Experience Platform™ (DXP™) Location Solution offers fast no-touch temperature screening, dynamic health questionnaire data capture and continuous monitoring of employees and visitors within office buildings, hospitals, schools, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, resorts and hotels–any indoor environment with a secure entry and exit point. Shield DXP™ integrates with existing management, identity, or CCTV solutions and can serve as a contact tracing system providing retroactive timelines via location and proximity data.

Contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person (“contacts”) and subsequent collection of further information about these contacts. DXP™ provides the ability to do contact tracing by way of our location (where) and proximity (how close) software. In the current environment, many businesses, health care facilities, manufacturers and municipalities are in search of an effective fever screening system that can both scan for elevated body temperature, as well as provide location tracking of where a potentially contagious person has been. DXP™ offers indoor contact tracing by identifying people who were in contact and are now at risk, in addition to where they have been allowing interface to cleaning protocols and procedures.

Providing an accurate collection and reporting of health screening data so that action can be taken to reduce the spread of infectious diseases is our goal. If your facilities are in need of an effective fever screening system that can perform no touch elevated body temperature scans in less than one second; if you require an alternative that integrates with your current safety and security systems; if you desire an active contact tracing system to help mitigate the risk of infection, DeCurtis Shield DXP™ is the all-inclusive solution.

fever screening
fever screening

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