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Here at DeCurtis, we understand the unique challenges facing the cruise industry, and we build solutions for these challenges. The DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP) contains several suites of modules and allows both guests and crew to enjoy an improved, empowered experience.

The DXP begins transforming the guest experience right from the start with an easy to use booking process. Guests are encouraged to begin the check-in process from home, making sure they have all necessary travel documents in order. This leads to a streamlined and hassle-free experience on embarkation day. Location and proximity are the heart of the DXP, and a wearable is the key to unlocking enhanced features for the guests and delivering real-time data to crew when it matters. Once onboard, other modules streamline security, improve staffing in real-time for the crew, assist guests in getting familiar with the ship, and provide easy access to excursion booking. With a long history in the cruise industry, DeCurtis knows how to deal with shipboard life and transform the guest experience. Customizable and robust, the DXP is built with cruise in mind to enhance experiences and increase overall satisfaction while making a direct financial impact.

  • Locate any guest or crew member with ease


Navigate onboard a ship with confidence

Crew Member


Communicate reliably with any person onboard


Identify guests quickly and meet their needs based on real-time delivery of data

Enhanced Experiences
Enhanced Experiences

Enhanced Experiences

Enhance guest experience through location-based recommendations, personalized greetings and rapid access to accurate and actionable real-time data

Just a few of our clients

Crystal Cruises
Virgin Voyages
Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Cruise Lines



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