DeCurtis Shield™ for Health Care Facilities

While the pandemic highlighted the immediate need for improved health and safety protocols, safety has always been at the heart of what DeCurtis Corporation provides.


DeCurtis Shield™ is a robust product offering designed to assist healthcare facilities in operating safely through accurate employee and visitor health screening. Shield™ medical check-in kiosks can be implemented quickly in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities–any indoor environment with a secure entry and exit point. Offering three deployment options, DeCurtis Shield™ can be employed to provide edge detection right away and becomes more robust when further integrated to allow for accurate data recording, retroactive timelines, and location-based contract tracing. Additionally, DeCurtis Shield™ qualifies for CARES Act funding.

DeCurtis Shield™ is a scalable suite of tools focused on lessening the spread of an outbreak that uses accurate temperature screenings to assess elevated body temperature and location data to become a powerful contact tracing system. Offered in three solutions, Shield Standalone can mitigate risk of virus spread with questionnaires and employee and visitor health screening using medical check-in kiosks. Shield Connected provides a higher level of protection via integration with existing access control, identity, or CCTV solutions and it can provide continuous monitoring. The most powerful iteration of DeCurtis Shield™ is implemented when deploying the DeCurtis Experience Platform™ (DXP™) Location Solution. Shield DXP™ can provide both real-time and historic indoor location timelines to address potential outbreaks, assess risks from known interactions, and perform contact tracing. Regardless of the iteration of Shield™ you choose, all Shield kiosks assess body temperature using a touch-free scan that accesses the brain thermal tunnel (via a tear duct), which means measurements taken are fast and accurate regardless of the ambient temperature of the environment itself.

Providing an accurate collection and reporting of health screening data so that action can be taken to reduce the spread of infectious diseases is our goal. DeCurtis Shield™ can help protect your hospital, nursing home and assisted living facilities with a fast and accurate technology solution. If your healthcare facilities are in need of medical check-in kiosks, nursing home check-in kiosks and employee and visitor health screening; if you would like an effective fever screening system that can perform no-touch temperature scans in less than one second; if you desire a fully expandable system to help mitigate the risk of infection in your medical facilities, DeCurtis Shield is the solution.

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