Location & Proximity

The heart of the DXP is our proprietary Location Solution. The information we collect regarding location and proximity creates real-time, actionable data that can transform the guest experience while respecting privacy.

Next level location and proximity


Where you are in a physical space.

PROXIMITY (Relative)

How close you are to other people or places.

We have inverted the traditional model of placing static beacons in a space and relying on guests’ devices to read those beacons. Our method outfits people with a physical beacon in the form of a wearable and uses high-powered, intelligent BLE readers to read and process those wearables as they move about the space. This allows for the rapid and accurate collection of location and proximity data that becomes very powerful when used together. Other location solutions available simply cannot offer this next level experience.

DXP Location Solution

Our proprietary Location Solution is the heart of the DeCurtis Experience Platform and drives all the location aware and proximity enabled modules. These modules sit atop our abstraction layer which provides consistent, reliable and redundant access to all core data while leveraging a clean micro-services architecture and reliable service contracts to end the days of being tied to an inefficient legacy system.

Location requires infrastructure and normally requires dry dock or a new build. The DXP Location Solution can be implemented without a dry dock and can work within existing infrastructure.  

Our elegant Location Solution utilizes three core pieces to provide accurate reads on location and actionable data around proximity.


We need a construct of the space in which we are locating people, places and things. To get this, we use the most accurate renderings of your space (CAD usually) and produce a 3D physical construct, then build upon that layer with logical walls, wayfinding paths, emergency routes and inaccessible spaces.


The DXP’s Location Engine is scalable and leverages multiple proprietary algorithms for accurate location attainment. Intelligent edge processing means that only relevant data is leveraged, increasing speed by cutting back on noise.


If great data is inaccessible, it is useless. The Location Service allows for logical queries to real-time or historical data. Raw data is optimized for such queries, thereby enhancing the entire system.

Why a wearable?

DeCurtis Wearables and Readers together form a key piece in our experience ecosystem that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform. Wearables serve as a physical link to a virtual world, giving guests and crew access to a robust suite of features that are location aware and further enhanced by proximity data. Wearables have improved fidelity and a high success rate for accurate identification. Beyond this, wearables can work within each brand to fit their unique needs and customer base all while becoming another source of revenue through accessories, customization and commemorative pieces. Using physical beacons offers the reliability needed, especially when paired with high performance BLE Readers like the DC-BR3800-01.


Partners with the following products:


What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

A BLE is a wireless personal area network technology designed specifically for short-ranged communication. A DeCurtis BLE Module contains industry changing technology for the location and proximity market. Unlike any other reader on the market, ours can read hundreds of beacons per second proving specific location, not just relative proximity information, which allows businesses to improve the guest experience in various ways.

I’m a tech person, why is this thing worth It?

This is where the magic really happens. Instead of simply enabling your environment to shout more accurately, enable your environment to literally learn about the population within its boundaries. By tethering people to beacons (more on that later), your environment can respond intelligently to those people that are present, be they clients, team members or even visitors. By leveraging a reader model that truly allows high fidelity location in space (not geo-location, but close-range, meter-level or better accuracy) systems can (and have) been built that can create amazing experiences.

If we move past the human aspect, the simple task that never is, inventory, becomes a different experience when high value items can be tracked in real time.

What to do?

Thanks for asking! We would not have built it were it not necessary so here is a quick list of high points. Should you need or want more “technical meat” please reach out and we will get you whatever you require.

  • Ability to read and process hundreds of beacons per second
  • Ability to read and process and BLE v4 or v5 standard beacon, including iBeacon, Eddystone, or Proprietary
  • External antenna connector allows for ideal placement and antenna type depending on use case
  • External antennas capture a more accurate read
  • Consumes less than 2W peak power from access point
  • Module network traffic can operate on completely segmented subnet/VLAN
  • Module uses a push technology
  • No need for new power or cable run, reduces total cost of implementation
  • Proprietary, advanced processing algorithm dramatically improves network bandwidth utilization and quality of reads which improves location detection accuracy and provides greater control over configurations for various use cases.
  • No need to remove access point to install
  • Large scale deployments centrally managed, including group configuration and firmware updates
  • Support for DHCP Option 43 and 60 for easier provisioning
  • Management system can be local or cloud-based
  • System can run 100% independently from outside end user’s system

Well, when faced with a technical itch and no existing way to scratch it, we went into solution mode. We went out and worked with two great industry partners to architect, design, build and certify the premier high density BLE reader module on the market. When looking at the market, it made sense to make the solution easy to acquire. WE have seen too many projects that attempt the kind of experiential improvements we create fail due to prohibitive hardware and infrastructure change and associated costs. Clients were left with miles of special use cable and niche hardware that was hard to install, manage and support. We opted to build our module to interface with the leader in Enterprise connectivity, Cisco and one of their most pervasive access points, the 3800.

Our module (Technically the DC-BR3800-01 BLE Module) plugs right into the Cisco 3800 Series Access Point via its onboard accessory interface. This Cisco-certified 3rd party module is capable of processing hundreds of beacons simultaneously and intelligently forwarding “interesting” events to the location services platform for capture, singulation or eventing as the application requires.


BLE Readers

Have been installed since DeCurtis launched them in 2019.

Transformational Experience Technology

Beacons you say?

We have flipped the traditional model of placing beacons in rooms, we give that power to the guests in the form of a wearable and put the BLE readers on the walls of an indoor space. This inverted model is more reliable and accurate than traditional models or Wi-Fi solutions. The beacons are loaded with the guest’s information, preboard and using our robust management platform monitors and manages data forwarding intelligent events and delivering real time data when needed to enhance the guest experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who doesn’t want to be a VIP? Wouldn’t you love to get special treatment everywhere you go? Wouldn’t you like to not have to go through a ton of non-vegetarian items when you are vegetarian (or whatever your dietary preference happens to be).

Transformational Experience Technology is all about making every experience better, more efficient, more human, more informed, more enjoyable and more profitable. For the clients (oftentimes, guests), this technology allows them access to things faster, seamlessly and in a way that creates priceless memories. For team members, this empowers them to create those experiences, do their jobs more efficiently, with less stress, reduced chance of error and in a way that creates or enhances the truly human connection.

For the business investing in this technology, you are truly taking your ecosystem to a new level of evolution. You are limited only by your imagination…and platform partner.

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