DeCurtis is the premier provider of location and proximity solutions for complex indoor environments.



Municipalities, Healthcare, Schools, Entertainment Venues, Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality


Cruise Lines, River Ships, Luxury Excursion Tours and Offshore Platforms

We focus on health, safety and security, operational enhancement and experience evolution. By focusing on these three pillars, DeCurtis can assist clients in increasing safety and security, driving new revenue streams and enhancing the overall guest experience. The DeCurtis Experience Platform™ powers all of our solutions and turns any indoor space into a location-aware environment aimed at increasing health and safety while efficiently transforming the guest experience.

Health, Safety & Security

DeCurtis strives to keep employees and guests safe with our state-of-the-art technology. All guest and staff health and safety are non-optional; therefore, the duty of care must be reinvented. We believe in bringing the best preventative screening measure to our clients without taking away from the guest experience.

Operational Enhancement

Unlocking data leads to informed real-time decisions to increase operational efficiencies. With our solutions, clients can reduce the number of steps in a transaction, deploy resources intelligently based on real-time location data and streamline modifications to staffing or processes.

Experience Evolution

DeCurtis provides enhanced guest experiences and that experience starts with how we work with our clients. Significantly improved guest experiences drive brand value, increase loyalty and capture new customers, ultimately generating more revenue.

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Just a few of our clients

Crystal Cruises
Virgin Voyages
Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Cruise Lines

Virgin Voyages
Crystal Cruises
Royal Caribbean



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